Women’s love for jewellery is known to all. But, have you checked out the amazing jewellery pieces of last year? Check out the complete list of last year’s best jewellery pieces:

An Indian-inspired ring of Enamel from Alice Cicolini will make you feel greedy with the adorned and richly colored precious stones including fire opal, almandine garnet, and blue sapphire. You can buy an enamel ring too add an extra shine in your jewellery wardrobe.

Cartier always has a great fascination for designing unique platinum rings. The ring includes a prefect square of diamond which is surrounded by several geometric inlays of precious stones such as turquoise, onyx, and emeralds.

The red coral pendant with organic pearl and amazing gold trimmings, exclusively designed by Hanut Singh will give you a breathtaking moment to admire the mesmerizing beauty and shine. From deep and marvelous corals to precious rosy rubies, you will surely love the shades of crimson.

Till today, jewellery designers always produce matching sets of gorgeous earrings. But, perfectly mismatched gorgeous earrings pair by Hemmerle will make you fell in love with it. Each piece in this pair is not at all identical. Several amazing stones like tourmaline, rubellite, or oval amethyst has enhanced to overall beauty and glaze of this mismatched earrings set.

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